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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  March 5, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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actor harrison ford is taken to the hospital after his vintage plane experienced problems. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. and tonight ford's son is reporting that he is back but fine. the world war ii era pt22 plane clip add tree and went --
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clipped a tree and went down about a mile short of the runway. because of all the old collector planes at the airport, crashes are there more common than you would think. >> we just, the plane cut out. the engine made a funny noise. like we've heard many times and every time you think, is it going to be another crash? >> witnesses say golfers including a couple of doctors ran to the plane when it crashed and pulled him out. ford apparently had a big gash on his head but was conscious and alert. he is expected to make a full recovery. harrison ford is thought to be one of the most successful actors of all time. he played the cia jack ryan in movies such as patriot games and clear and danger. other movies he has been in is
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blade runner, the jackson robinson story. and harrison has three new movies coming out this year. including another star wars movie. and a delta plane skidded off the runway in laguardia and it easy could have been a disaster. the plane actually went through a fence and finally came to a stop on a small burham just a few feet from the icy water that surrounds that airport. >> reporter: a harrowing ordeal for the passengers and five crew members on a new york bound delta flight arriving from atlanta georgia that left many thankful to be alive. >> i'm just grateful. i mean i know there's a higher power that was holding the plane from doing whatever it could have done. >> reporter: delta flight 1026 skidded off the runway at laguardia at 11:35 this morning. narrowly missing the icy waters past the fence. >> i know the pilot did all he
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could to slow the plane down. the pilot and co-pilot's efforts were apparent. >> reporter: the runway had just been plowed before the incident. and that two other pilots reported good braking conditions minutes before the delta plane landed. according to passengers, the nd88 aircraft came in for a landing amidst driving snow. some passengers said they thought the aircraft had actually hit the water. >> it was nerve wracking. the plane came down and it slid. and then it spined to the left and we looked out the window and we could see the wing was hitting a fence. >> it was different. i know once we landed we were going too fast to have landed. >> reporter: miraculously there
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were no major injuries. we also learned the plane was leaking fuel after it landed. the plane last had a major over haul in december of 2010. but it's most recent maintenance check was just two days ago. in new york at laguardia airport, laura engel. a rash of thefts leaving car owners with an expensive repair bill. sheriff deputies in sonoma county say more than 30 catalytic converters have been stolen in the last three nights, most of them in windsor. and debora villalon is live with why car thieves value the car part. >> reporter: it's almost too easy. easy to get underneath.
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easy to get to the device. >> reporter: this car is purring now but only after a $3,500 replacement of the catalytic converter. the last converter taking by thieves. >> any time someone violates your privacy or things, it's frustrating but hopefully the insurance takes care of it. >> reporter: three catalytic converters have been stolen in the past week. >> crooks are after the precious metals in the converter. >> someone is paying for them. they will cut it at any section. it could be here, it could be there. but it's quick and easy. they have a metal saw probably in less than 30 seconds they're gone. >> reporter: it happens in
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garages, park and ride and in daylight too. >> we're appall. they're just so violated. they park their car for lunch and they come back. it scares them to death when they start their car because it's so ungodly low. >> we wept to start -- went to start it and it sounded like an explosion or nascar. it was so loud it was embarrassing. i couldn't do it. i had to turn around and come back. >> reporter: now she's in a service loaner. in the same spot where her car was. the repairs are close to $5,000. >> systematic. these guys are good. obviously they can get many and get out very fast. >> reporter: this new catalytic converter has been welted and welded on to keep from being
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stolen again. are you worried about leaving it out tonight? >> i can't worry about it. >> reporter: as a precaution, the sheriff's department wants folks to park their garage if they can. >> i didn't realize they could get those off so quickly. debora villalon live tonight in sonoma county. deborah, thank you. there are new developments tonight involving the killing of a 14 wraoerld -- 14-year- old boy in oakland. police say they've now identified a person of interest in the killing of devon. he was walking to the store with two friends last saturday night when a car pulled up. someone got out, asked him if they knew a person named tim then fired two shots. one of which hit devon in the chest. his family thinks it was a case of mistaking identity. they say devon was a good student, he played football and he was never in trouble. we spoke to devon's father last night. he said the last few days have
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been really tough but that friends and family are helping him deal. >> they knew how much he meant to us. i always wanted a one boy. he was my one boy i needed to make my world right. and the killer, he almost took two lives that day. my son and mine. >> and police will only say that a suspect is in jail for an event that happened outside of oakland. the san francisco chronicle reports that one of the officers they are planning to fire is the officer that was taking nude pictures. the chp says there's no
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evidence the picture sharing went beyond the dublin office. the san francisco giants have barely started spring training and already the team has suffered a big set back. the team's spark plug hunter pence broke his arm in just the third preseason game. mark ibanez is here. just how serious is this injury. >> not the kind of news you want to get during spring training. very catastrophic. man giant fans have to really be wondering about this odd year curse. a meaningless but not minor spring training. x-rays reveal a fracture of the forearm. typical recovery time is six to eight weeks. pence has never missed a regular season game since coming to the giants in 2012. in fact, he's played in 383
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consecutive games. that's the longest iron man streak currently in the mayor leagues. but that will surely end come opening day april 6th. >> you know, he's always upbeat, optimistic and trying to move out of the way, if it is broken i guess it's still running into spring. so at least we'll have him out there. we'll start the healing process. >> the healing process has begun for hunter pence. all the support is already making me feel better. i can already imagine pence in the dug out with his cast. if anyone can heal quickly it'll be pence. youth baseball players in contra costa county are getting
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their playing field backs. the fields are in the tesoro and martinez. tesoro said they didn't want kids to cross the picket line. now tesoro says they have increased security. as of tomorrow, tesoro says the gates will be unlocked and all those youngsters will be welcomed back. a final look at the bay bridge before the decorative display of dancing lights on the western span is turned off tomorrow morning. the public display that has become a bit of an attraction since it debuted two years ago is going dark for the next 11 months. amber lee is live in the city, with the event, the special event marking the occasion. >> reporter: on this clear night, these beautiful lights drew plenty of people here to the waterfront. even though the lights absence will be temporary, many people tell me they will be missed.
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each night shortly before sunset, the cascades of 25,000 white l.e.d. lights illuminates the bridge. a transformation that grows at nightfall. >> the sequencing becomes almost like a mirror of activity around the bridge. >> reporter: on this last night of illumination, people came to pay tribute. they turned on tea lights. >> it makes me appreciate living in the city. >> reporter: the lightnings will go dark as the sunrises tomorrow morning. they will be taken down so work can be done. >> the lights are almost like magic to me. i haven't grown tired of them. >> reporter: the temporary absence will perhaps make the heart grow fonder. the project rebirth promises more robust lights.
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>> even though we have the knowledge that we're going to miss the lights for the next months. >> reporter: the reinstallation will cost $4 million. part of that came from this philanthropist who inspire other donors to come forward. >> this is really the most spectacular thing we've done in san francisco for many many years. it's an incredible signature to our san francisco bay. >> reporter: the artist says it's an incredible honor to have the bridge as his canvas and his work a permanent fixture. >> anybody can look out and have some sort of response. you don't have to buy a ticket, you don't have to go into the museum. art can come out into the world and i think it has a very important role to play. >> reporter: the bay lights will once again play a starring role on the bay bridge come january 2016. to coincide with the presuper bowl festivities. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. we told you about a former officer accused of embezzling
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thousands of dollars. >> why did you not report it to police? >> and fighting to change an old liquor law still on the books. >> it'll be completely absurd. >> the fight to make buying a bottle a little easier. >> and after the break it's not spring yet but it feels like it. i'm tracking this pattern and the areas that it could push the temperatures into the 80s.
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three people are in custody
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after a high speed chase and we learned it was antioch's police chief himself that initiated the chase. and amber lee is here to tell us what happened and what is being done to spark crime that seems to be working. >> reporter: allen contando his department is trying different tactics to help tackle crime. the pursuit of the white honda started early in the afternoon. and it was antioch's police chief who spotted the car on his way to work. >> the vehicle actually passed in front of me and i was able to get a license plate and the vehicle came back stolen. >> reporter: the chase reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour before the honda crashed in walnut creek. and antioch police had to turn the chase over to the chp.
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chief contando says that's just one of the many challenges his department is facing and this evening he layed it all in front of the public in a pizza night with police. community relations is key for antioch's understaffed police department of 88 officers. they're taking an all hands on deck approach. and they're having some success. violent crime was down 1. 1.7%. the chief credits officers and the community for helping. volunteers put in 10,000 hours of work for free. >> putting out parking citations. >> reporter: some community members said they thought the meeting was helpful? >> i think it's good. the more information they put out there the better for the community. >> reporter: but there was also
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suggestions for improvement. >> instead of coming here, you need to go out there where they are. >> we had quite a few incidents. i had a car accident myself and it took them two hours to respond. >> reporter: the chief says that they they are actively trying to hire more officers to boost those number ofs. and they just came up with an antioch police application to get the community more involved. >> how often do they have those pizza nights when they bring the community in to talk. >> they do them periodically. sometimes in the evening and they call them pizza nights and sometimes on the weekends with coffee with the chief. and it's always the chief who does them. and rocky chavez has been talking about running for weeks and today he made it official.
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57-year-old chavez is from oceanside. he says he is better qualified than camela harris especially when national security is a concern. >> i think california residents need to think who would they like to send to dc to represent them. somebody who's a lawyer from the bay area or a marine. >> chavez says he's been involved in issues not typically associated with republicans such as green emergency and immigration reform. voters in lake county are getting their chance to decide whether to secede from california. the idea of the state of jefferson has been floated before. it would be carved out of parts of lake, glen, yuba, sutter, tahema, siskiyu. but there's a long road before that could ever become a
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reality. withs the vote, both the state and the government would have to approve it -- besides the vote, both the state and the government would have to approve it. the demonstrators say they're angry about proposed tuition hikes. but as ktvu's anne rubin found out. mt.people were angry with the protesters. >> today the protesters were proud, they're move to block the entrances here at uc santa cruz ended up closing the campus completely. >> campus is shut down. >> education should be free, free, free. >> reporter: but their bigger message, opposition to propose tuition hikes on uc campuses. >> i'm supposed to see that. know that the reasoning behind this is incorrect. and i am supposed to carry on. that's obscene. so i'm going to stop business as usual. that's my perspective. >> reporter: university officials made the call asking students and staff to stay away while letting the protest run its course. they felt they had no choice. >> you know for a lot of students it's disruptive. they have projects they need to
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complete. research they need to conduct. you know there's a lot of impacts that go all over campus from this. >> reporter: on other campuses students rally too at uc berkeley they rallied at sprawl plaza. it was the culmination of 96 hours of action. some of which took place away from the schools. on tuesday, six students were arrested after blocking highway 1 and tieing up traffic for hours. scott grant lost $8,000 that day in fuel and concrete that became unusable. he also said he lost any sympathy he may have had for the students. >> i guess the kids have a message but they went about it the wrong way. they shouldn't impact the city of hard working people and they did. >> reporter: though by some estimates there were 250 protesters out today. students think there should have been more. >> i think because of a lot of action that went on on tuesday. a lot of it was too out there and a bit extreme for people to
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really to get more support. >> reporter: protesters did let some people through the blockade like health care workers and people with children in day care. in santa cruz, anne rubin, ktvu channel 2 news. checking in on the weather around here. another warm day today. another dry day. that continues, dry through the five day period. the ridge of high pressure setting everything to the north. warm air here you know about the storm and cold. we're dry, they're wet and cold. 52 in concord, 49 santa rosa. overnight lows mid-30s. maybe some low 30s right around freezing in the north bay. patchy frost like we had this morning. so friday morning. tomorrow morning a lot like -- friday morning a lot like what we saw this morning with temperatures down there. that formula you only need 34, 35 degrees. current winds there you go. you have five mile an hour
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winds in hayward. that's an easterly wind. kind of like where we were last night. you will notice the cool temperatures tomorrow. the low temperatures. you will also note the quick warm up. because once we get out of the 40s we're immediately in places like hayward. about 71 degrees in hayward. but most cities are going to make it to 75 degrees. a warm day tomorrow. certainly as warm as today. as we head through the weekend warmer still. pollens are running high right now. right now the tree pollens are running moderate to high. if you're being bothered, that just means the trees are sitting outside blooming. we will talk about saturday, sunday and then that opportunity for showers that come up in the five day forecast toward the middle of next week. accusations of embezzlement inside the san francisco police department. tonight at 10:30, two investigates reveals the latest
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fall out for men that went missing. >> coordinated police raids that take on 17 suspected gang member. and the impact they're having on violent crime.
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one members of two rival gangs are behind bars after a bust. the arrests cames during coordinated arrests aimed to reduce the violence on the streets of oakland. >> reporter: on a sunny day in east oakland, city and police announced they had taken a much needed bite out of crime. >> reporter: this month's long operation targeting the 65th and 69th street gangs is part of oakland's seize fire program. >> these individuals are involved in multiple crimes
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ranging from murder, residential robberies, street robberies, anything they can do to further the existence of their gang. >> reporter: officers said through these arrests they've now solved two cold case homicides, one from 2008 and one from 2012. officers confiscated six guns. bringing the total guns confiscated to 36. >> the real goal is to make sure the progress is sustained so others don't move in. >> this all began back when felix mitchell started a heroin operation in this particular area. >> reporter: the news conference was held outside of gospel church specifically because it sits between the two gangs turf. >> several of the young men from these gangs that have lost
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their lives during this feud have had their services held here at this church. >> reporter: in fact, bishop bob jackson said there was a funeral happening inside during the news conference. a young man who was killed in oakland two days ago. >> innocent people are getting killed. it's one thing for gang members to shoot up gang members that's bad new. but then innocent people are getting killed. >> reporter: john sasaki, ktvu the u.s. supreme court has set april 28th on the day it will hear same-sex marriage. can states ban keep couples from getting married and must all states to recognize gay marriage. although there is a court fight going on at the moment in alabama. after the hearing next month, a ruling is expected by the end of june. buying a bottle straight
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from the stores. you can do it at a winery but not a distillery. coming up, a change in the california liquor law some call obsolete. but up first, new fall out after authorities report on missing money. the new developments involving a second officer.
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a san francisco police lieu ten tphapbtd walking away from our camera and his job after a ktvu investigation into an alleged embezzlement case. that police officer is the second officer to decide to leave his job. >> the treasurer of the department's gay officers resigned now after our two
10:32 pm
investigate report, the president of that organization has suddenly retired. >> reporter: julie and frank, when lieutenant lynnburg became the president of the gay alliance. the results revealed suspicious activity by the organization's treasurer a fellow officer. according to minutes and e- mails, lieutenant linburg refused to react. >> reporter: sergeant chuck linburg was one of the highest ranked member of the gay officers. linburg was promoted to sergeant. that same year he was elected president of the san francisco pride alliance. an organization that represents roughly 200 lgbt employees of the department.
10:33 pm
after taking officer, linburg had questions about the group's finances. after discovering irregularities involving the treasurer he did not report it and he is accused of encouraging officers to look the other way. mike evans resigned from the department after he withdrew more than $15,000 from the group's account. pulling money from atms and paying personal bills. the district attorney is deciding whether to file criminal charges. we've learned getting the case to the d.a. almost didn't happen. >> was there attempts to keep this quiet? >> i was told that it was not a police situation. that it was just pride alliance. and that no one would go forward to the police department. that it would be held internally. >> reporter: this former pride alliance board member said it was the organization's president lieutenant linburg who wanted to keep his bosses out of it. >> so you have a lieutenant of
10:34 pm
the department suggesting that a crime not be reported. >> correct. >> reporter: linburg asked to keep the -- limbert asked that the case be kept within the department. i'm here to ask about the report. >> reporter: but not by the department. other reporters brought the case. >> aren't you under orders to report it to police. >> reporter: linbert denied any knowledge before shutting us out of the meeting. >> i don't ever want to hear anything that tarnishes my
10:35 pm
officers. >> reporter: lieutenant linbert president of one of sfpds largest groups did not have to come forward since others did first. >> what do you want your lieutenant to do. if you know a crime is happening don't you want to know that. >> absolutely. and i expect that. >> reporter: an expectation that was not met this time. lieutenant limbert will avoid questioning. the longest serving gay officer turned in his badge and was allowed to walk away from the controversy. >> gosh it does seem suspect. here you have the officer who's accused of the embezzlement. resigns from the force and the lieu ten in a minute who some accuse of covering up the crime -- and the lieutenant that some accuse of covering up the crime retire from the force. >> certainly people just deciding that they don't want to be subject to the department's query.
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they have the ability to do that. >> now there's no indication that linbert took part in any crime but rather was looking out for a fellow officer and wanted to handle the missing funds himself. which chief suhr told me he did. i'm told that limbert reached out to former officer evan, had him apologize and he's since repaid back that money. >> a lot of stuff to go through. heather, thanks so much. and if you have an idea for two investigates we want to hear from you. just e-mail two investigates at or call us at 510-874- 8022. mayor lee helped kick off the lunar new year tonight. the mayor wished everyone a happy new year as we entered the year of the ram. and he acknowledged the importance of the celebration to a diverse population. >> the whole month of
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celebrations in the lunar new year, whether it's the vietnam, koreans or our chinese population are done by people who want to honor our culture and bring to this city a continuing stream of cultural diversity. >> reporter: the lunar new year celebration will culminate on saturday in downtown san francisco with the annual chinese new year parade which is believed to be the largest of its kind outside of asian. as always you can watch that parade right here live on ktvu fox 2. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. this saturday night. in case you missed it we're going to replay that parade at 6:00 on sunday. warm sunny weather in the forecast. the same power of spring conditions as we reach week's end. and day two of the boston marathon bombing trial.
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bulldog: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ there's development news out of vallejo. the fire broke out just before 8:00 at the boarded up building on vista street. they called for mutual aid because crews were also responding to two false alarms
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at the same time. the building once held administrative offices but most recently has been used by squatters. a bay area father took the witness stand today on the second day of the boston marathon bombing trial. allen hern of martinez testified heads saw his son's aaron's leg with a deep crater. the 11-year-old boy said it really hurt. they were standing near the finish line when the bomb went off. dzhokhar tsarnaev is on trial now for those bombings. some of those victims offered graphic testimony today. the judge rejected the defense's attempt to limit such testimony. >> they're doing everything they can to try to sort of balance this but the prosecution is coming right back at them and pointing out the fact that he came there to kill people. >> jurors watched the store surveillance video showing the glass breaking. victims rush in and people try to help. the trial is expected to last three to four months.
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san francisco doctors are now half way through a kidney transplant chain. a total of six donors are donating kidneys to six people who need them. this is video from one of those donations. today at california pacific medical center. today doctors successfully completed three of the transplants. they say the donors and recipients are all recovering. the final three surgeries will be finished tomorrow. we're following breaking news for you tonight. late word of a shooting in san francisco's south of the market area. >> chief meteorologist bill martin tracking 70-degree weather. >> but you can't buy it at the stores. the new move to change california's liquor law.
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breaking news out of san francisco where a man was shot
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in the leg at fifth and harrison in the south of market neighborhood. it happened just after 9:00 tonight. the victim was walking. they initially responded to a shot spotter activate and the victim was taken to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. state lawmakers are trying to level the playing field between wineries and distilleries. right now wineries can sell their product to visitors but distilleries can't. new at 10:00, ken pritchett live in alameda with a move to change the law. >> reporter: st. george's spirits here in alameda produces a product they have tastings for tourists but distilleries cannot sell visitors a single bottle because of a law that dates back to the days of prohibition. it's fun to play with. >> reporter: in every respect it has the look and atmosphere
10:45 pm
of a wine tasting but not the same taste. these are fine whiskies, vodka, gin and more. >> seriously one of the best gins i've tasted in recent memory. >> reporter: a spirit tasting and after all this the tasters cannot buy a full bottle. >> at wine tastings you can buy the bottle right there. and why you can't do that here is beyond me. >> reporter: now they're trying to bring legislation that will allow tasters to buy bottles. >> we've been around more than 30 years. but it will certainly help our bottom line. >> reporter: operation manager lucy barbra says that think of
10:46 pm
a liquor store that sells off their shelves. >> we cannot sell to people who come here to taste. we have to sell it to a distributor. >> reporter: instead the distributor picks up the liquor and all the way to the store in the distillery building. >> the fact that it has to go to a distributor and then come back. >> reporter: selling their products straight to visitors would help an already expanding business. >> i think they were out 20 distilleries in the country now there's 600. >> reporter: this legislation if passed would allow distilleries only to sell 30 bottles to a single visitor.
10:47 pm
and this legislation could have a tough fight ahead from powerful interests who currently profit from the status quo. >> ken pritchett live in alameda tonight. ken, thank you. temperatures today warmer than they should be temperatures today warmer. checking on the rest of the country we have a current temperature on the map up here. i want to show you, see how the warm airy sides to the south of the jet stream. cool air to the north. so why are we so dry? warm air? why are they so cool and wet because the jet stream is diving down there. until that pattern breaks we are in for this. and looks like it will be brief in bringing us a change of weather. that would help the east coast as well. they pick up nothing.
10:48 pm
there's no fog along the coast. maybe some patchy valley fog but not much to speak of. mostly about frost tomorrow morning. and a warmer afternoon tomorrow. so the forecast tomorrow then there's no coastal fog. that's the model rolling through. it throws up the highs. the greens are 60s but upper 60s, low in the mid-70s as we head into your bay area tomorrow. we check on san francisco downtown. at lunchtime it's 55 degrees. a beautiful day. 70degrees for a daytime high in san francisco. no fog along the coast. then we go over to san jose. temperatures there warmer as you would expect. mid-70s at the end of the day. at lunchtime it's almost 70 degrees in san jose. so very warm day out there. warmer than it was in this pattern because of this high pressure is going to stick around. so high sticks around, the warm weather sticks around. the dry weather sticks around. until we get toward the middle or end of the next week when there's a chance for a weak weather system to roll on in here. you know when we say chance
10:49 pm
there's a chance. we're not staring at some main weather event. it might just be rain showers that may mess with the commute. still down the road. 72 in concord. air quality not bad. not great though because of the way of the atmosphere. it's capped by that inversion. 70 in half-moon bay and 71 in pacifica. it's friday, nice looking friday that's for sure. you can see we have plenty of warmth and plenty of no rain. does that work? plenty of no rain. >> i get what you're trying to say. >> we know what you mean. >> no rain. >> all right but we can enjoy the weekend. >> yeah enjoy the weekend. >> thank you, bill. mark is here now. oh my goodness, spring training just gets under way. >> everybody is optimistic, spring training but definitely a downer for us. san francisco fans most durable and inspirational player they have is now going to have to heal quickly and inspire from
10:50 pm
the dug out. kind of a freak spring training injury can cause hunter pence a good part of the preseason. x-rays revealing late this afternoon that it's a nondisplayed fracture. bruce bochy knows if anyone can make it back quick, pence is the guy. >> he's always optimistic, and try to you know move out of the way, it is i guess the silver lining is it's early in the spring. so we'll have him start the healing process. >> you know spring training games they don't really count for much any way. but after the pence injury nobody cared at all about the giants-cubs outcome. but the show must go on. opportunities knock for the
10:51 pm
young guys. giants find themselves down 5-3 in the seventh for the cubs. 5-run eight for san francisco. brown another young outfielder with a chance. drive to left, under the glove of billy mckinney. two run score on his hit. giants comes 8-6. like a flash back seen. back to the future with barry zito on the mound. all gold and green. two games, gave up two hits, two runs and struck out a couple. newcomer at third. nice play. and as you said a couple of strike outs for zito. one here from castro. the game ends 2-2 a little tie there. and the college hoops. you know it's about ready to take the floor in a big way here in march. cal shows why they will be on the outside looking in and stanford tried to avoid that same fate. sports part ii next.
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sorry but for cal, it had to feel like getting into one of those pick up games with a bunch of guys you don't really know. quickly you realize we don't belong in the same court with these guys. you can see it all over cal
10:55 pm
players faces. olson proudly watching the program he helped to start. nobody stopped that. he had 21. game over really in the first half. ronday, jefferson, great foot work. 99-60 arizona. completely dominating. asu as asu curtain of distraction comes through. shaq mckizik wild finish with that drive. but it goes. 23. just throw it up there. he's fouled and they do have the lead. 25 picks left in fact. stanford stephane nastich is picked. lays it in. and 67-62 is your final score. maybe the best way for the 49ers organization to help fans get over the whole jim harbaugh fiasco. go out, restock that roster. maybe they think they're doing
10:56 pm
that with the signing of former all prodefensive lineman darnell docket. two year deal. but docket is 33 years old and is coming off acl surgery. arizona released him last week. the deal with the 49ers will not become official until next week. and we should mention that maurice jones, great player in his day. and east bay product has announced the retirement from the raiders. best for him. >> and for his grandfather. >> thank you everybody. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
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